Friday, November 9, 2012

Soul Searching With Milo

These "spirit walkers" collect the letters from the living and offer them to the spirts via buring them in a large urn(behind_.
A busy weekend full of fascinating subjects to film and capture on camera ended with a huge Tucson event known as the All Souls Procession.  It is a day I celebrate every year to remember my loved ones that have left this world.  And while it's a happy occasion, it's also a reflective one as well.
This year there were so many dedications made to people and their pets.  While reading everyone's blogs one day, I had an emotional reaction to one in particular.  Blogging is truly wonderful, but sometimes, we all go through things that are difficult.  Not only do I become connected to each of you better through your lives and experiences; but I also fall in love with all your furry friends.
There are so many of you that include your cats, dogs, horses, pigs, goats, birds, etc that make me smile everytime I see them. Such was the case with Milo.  When Laura from ForestWalkArt's Forest Dreams posted that Milo was dying, I burst into tears.  Thankfully, I was alone in a dark room with no one around to see me express emotion:)  I'm not one to express those deeper emotions publicly.
Milo was a kitty full of spirit and energy.  She stared into the eyes of snakes and other dangerous creatures.  And everytime she made an appearance on Laura's blog, I would smile as I do when you all feature your pets.  I've even fallen for a big ol' pup known as Baron.  Of course there's Hank, Pie and oh so many more.
So when Milo was dying, I felt a big punch to my ever expanding gut.  After Milo passed, Laura sent me a feather and mouse toy that Milo played with while alive. At the parade, wrapped in a special paper, the items were then placed into an urn.
And while we searched for those urns, there were many strange surprises that walked between us, around us, next to us......
People wrote poems and letters to their loved ones that were later burned and offered to the sky spirits.  On this evening 50,000 people showed up together to acknowledge and celebrate life and death as one.
I love when people express themselves artistically as it makes them more interesting to capture on film. In fact this month we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend at a Cirque De Soleil  presentation.  One of my favorite kinds of shows.
The lady below stole my heart with her rendition of the Phoenix.  You should have seen her dance to drums. It was an incredible presentation of feather, dance, and art!
Throughout the parade, people sang, danced, and played lots of instruments.
Here several of the ladies from one of our local high schools posed for a shot.  They did a fantastic job making "el baile folklórico" come alive.
Oh and there were all kinds of crazies about.  With this kind of event, you are most certain to find them hiding everywhere:) Well not hiding:)
Take for example this Circle K.  We always knew this place would kill us eventually.  But seeing all the zombies and skeletons made me burst out laughing.  Once on a birding trek, I bought a sandwich here and got Salmonella poisoning really bad.  "Thankfully" it happened at home and not on the trails.
But back to Milo.  Like the Phoenix suggests, we are born.  We die.  And we rise from the ashes again anew.
And while Milo is remembered and not forgotten, a new member has since been added to Laura's household by the name of Emo:)  Very cute.  When I lost both my cats 7 years ago, it took me time to recover from the loss.  But I found it too difficult.  So both Pat and I rescued FIVE cats soon after! And it's awesome.  We still remember our other two.  How can you forget?  That's the price of getting older. So Laura, I hope Emo is keeping you busy and bringing everyone lots of happiness.
And as for you Milo, I hope you enjoy the spirit items sent by those who love you very much:)


  1. Wow, i have to admit I stay away from this stuff. I'm just not into the spirit world stuff and many of the ancient religious concepts that have shackled people to superstitions. No offense, just a little to spooky for me.

  2. It's carnival time again, love your photos.

  3. Beautiful colourful images of the procession and what a lovely gesture on your part concerning Milo.

    It is so sad when you lost a treasured pet who has become part of the family and is much loved.

  4. Great post and tribute to Milo. Milo is in a happy place now! And I am so glad Laura adopted a new kitty, Emo. Your photos are so colorful and pretty. I love all the costumes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Lovely post Chris. I just caught up with Milo's story after reading it. I too shed a few tears over this, and in memory of my Crowie who we lost earlier this year. Her brother, Casper, is our constant companion, and showing his age (he's 18) since we lost Crowie. Another heartbreak coming soon I fear.

  6. And now i have tears in my eyes as i read your touching post, Chris. What a beautiful way to remember those 'loved ones' that have passed.

  7. chris, you just made me bawl all over again. what a sweetheart you are...

  8. Superior, poignant post. I loved living in Tucson...there is so much to do, see, and find around the area...

    I also liked your Moonlight Sonata post...

    Sorry it's taken me so long to repay your visit from Tuesday/Wednesday...not home long enough to take the time to thoroughly peruse you blog posts!!

  9. Fabulous images from the Lost Souls Procession Chris, so sorry to hear the sad story about Milo, always a heartbreaking experience to lose a dear furry friend.

  10. Feerie of holiday looks very nice on your photographs!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  11. Oh this is certainly a very different affair than birds or plants! Yes Kreesh should have some time out too, and what best suit him than this unusual environment and shows! Happy Weekend!

  12. What a fantastic evening that was!! So much color and activity and so much celebration and honoring of those who have gone before us. I will definitely want to make this trip next then I'll be owning the store I'm working at and can take time off whenever I want. :)

  13. Color maquillaje y fantasía.. Buena fiesta y buenas fotos.. un saludillo..

  14. I remember ... Pickwick, and Sparkles, and Henry. We usually have one, or two cats - so my roll call is short.

  15. i have goose bumps...and i'm teary eyed...and i can never thank you enough chris! milo is with us all the time, and every time we find a feather while wandering out back...we thank milo, we KNOW it's from her!!
    i'm so happy you shared all these pictures...what a colorful & fantastic time...honoring those that we have loved & lost...they will always be in our hearts, but to honor them in this way just makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck!! how i would have loved to be there!! but in a way, i was! we had our own little ceremony...out back...around the same time as yours...and i think we all connected! i KNOW we did!
    i was honored...and forever grateful for your thoughtfulness and giving of yourself...for milo. YOU are such a sweetheart!!!! thankyouthankyou!

    BEAUTIFUL photos...awesome costumes, painted bodies & faces!!
    OH and ps - emo is our frisky furry baby!! we love him like crazy!!

    1. Thank you for trusting me to do this. It was a really special night and I hope Milo enjoyed:) A very special night that I won't forget. Thank you!

  16. I love the idea of celebrating the lives of those who have passed before us. Such colorful yet thought provoking festivities. Especially with the tribute to Milo. You're a very thoughtful person. Awesome photos as well.

  17. Great post and pictures of the Procession! Such a special and community building event. My favorite event of the year. And you're quite right, especially with this year's urn attendant's costumes, a reflective one too.

  18. Gloriously colourful shots of the Lost Souls Procession.Your photoss are fantastic, and I like the idea of honouring the ones we have loved in this way.Your kindness is pretty special too.:)

  19. I wish that we had a celebration like that here. It's needed.

  20. What a sweet, sad post about the loss of yours (and others) pets! We lost our precious Rhodesian Ridgeback Penny about two and a half years ago, to cancer. She was a beautiful and sweet dog and it hurt so awfully to lose her! I loved these photos of the procession...been here two autumns now and haven't done this yet! I have no idea why not!!! We will have to do it next year.


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