Friday, November 23, 2012

Let's See What's Out There

American Wigeon
Everytime I run out the door into the world, I keep an active eye out for new species.  It becomes increasingly difficult to spot new birds on wildlife outings as they have already been spotted before.  And not every outing is a success in finding that new lifebird.
Solitary Sandpiper
But I also look at every outing as a potential better sighting of a bird that will give me that million dollar shot.
Ruddy Duck
But today I wouldn't get the stellar shots as I'd get a new life species to add to my list.
Interviewing several birders in the area, they were all excited to report the Canvasback.  And they did indeed capture my attention as they had a reddish head with a clean white back.  I at first thought they were just another duck hybrid until further conversations revealed that they were indeed special.
Northern Harrier
While "listing" as many bird species as I could, I was able to observe the Northern Harrier in great detail.  Like the American Kestrel, it comes and goes.  It has been awhile since I had seen the bird. So it was fun to make observations.
Black Crowned Night Heron
Herons are strange birds.  Sometimes they will sit super close to you while fishing and other times they'll just hide in the vegetation.  In many ways, they make me laugh.  They'll use you for food and then disappear.....much like our cats at home:)
Northern Harrier
At the time, I had been trying to figure out this bird of prey above.  In one other shoot, I came back with terribly terrible pics.  It was only on this day that I could get an ID from this pic.  Very tricky with the sun setting.
The Canvasback stayed for that day and then disappeared the next.  They weren't spotted at all afterwards. And like many of the birders had advised me to do....."Get your shot now because they are not a reliable bird to see around this area."  So I did and now have ID evidence:)
But I get distracted with all the other things going on....Harris Hawks hunting, ducks quacking, etc etc.....
Harris Hawk Family
And everytime I go out into the field, I am energized by the possibility that maybe....just maybe, I'll find something new:)  Little did I know but in the upcoming days ahead, I'd discover more incredible new birds.  Stay tuned for more.......
Black Neck Stilts


  1. Well done on the Canvasback - its always a special moment to see a new species. But inbetween the commoner species give so much pleasure :)

  2. Dużo różnych ptaków fruwa u Was i często niektóre widzisz pierwszy raz. Pozdrawiam.
    Lots of different birds flying around with you, and often some of the first you see. Yours.

  3. Wow, awesome ducks. I love the Wigeon, it is one of my favorites. The Hawk family is neat. And the night heron is a great sighting. Great post and photos, Chris! Have a happy weekend!

  4. my favorites today are the Harrier & the black crowned heron!!

    stay energized...and excited...and even if you don't spot anything NEW...chances are it'll still be an awesome sight!!
    have a great day!

  5. I think your series of shots today is great Chris! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. i've been lucky enough to see wigeons here, but would LOVE to see canvasback!

  7. Lovely bird shots! The composition on top is my favourite.

  8. It's a good day birding when you find a lifer. Even better when you get a photo.

  9. I love the little Wigeon, what a pretty little creature.
    I agree with you about the Herons They are very abundant here because of all the water. I find them to be a bit arrogant. I still never fail to get excited if I can get close to one.

  10. It's always interesting to see birds so different from ours! And if your lifelist is filling up, then start an annual list to see how many you can spot each year!! Works for us!


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