Saturday, April 24, 2010

Palm Seedlings

Palm Seedlings=Nightmare

Today was a full day of outdoor work. The pollen has about finished from the trees. My poor cats, 2 of them, suffered allergies really bad. I bought some wipes and have been cleaning eyes for a week. Things are getting better for them and we are not sneezing as much anymore.....however....

Now that it has all stopped, clean up must begin. While watering the rose garden under the palm, I noticed hundreds of little grass shoots coming up. Knowing it wasn't grass, I groaned. Palm seedlings had begun sprouting and those little buggers were like weeds!!! I pulled and dug and pulled and dug all morning. It was not fun. I tried to see the positive in it, but it didn't work. Note to self for next year....DO NOT let the seeds sit on the ground!!! I'm sure there are still more but I think I got the majority.

Meanwhile two evil things wait for me.....1. The weeds. This spring has had a lot of rain and therefore the weeds have become large plants. I have been weeding for about 3 weeks. Today I used spray and hopefully it takes care of it all. My plan for this upcoming week is to work a section a night cleaning up the damn things. 2. Leaves and pollen. It's not silver or gold like in that Rudolph special. It sucks. People say..."What a lovely mulch!" I say what a pain in the ass to clean up. There are about 10-11 bags worth on the ground. Remember when I wrote that the oak trees looked like they were dying? Well, now they are super green and lush....what a difference 3 weeks make!! However, things are still dusted with pollen and more's nasty. So that awaits me next weekend.

I also purchased several catsclaw vines to cover a wooden trellis at the front I dug and dug more today. Those will look nice once they reach the top of the trellis. I also purchased plumago and sweet potato vines. I planted the potato vines but not the plumago. Too tired. I sprayed, planted, fertilized the bamboo and rose garden, trimmed, watered, and cleaned the courtyard.

Several people asked for requests and I'll do my best to help. One I definitely can do, but the other holds a challenge. I have the North and Eastern sides to contemplate. It is difficult because old growth is there and it isn't attractive but because it's old, it offers shade and green.....which for the desert is wonderful. The owners on that side all want something different or no changes at all....which puts me in a spot....what do I do? For now, I'm focusing on the sides and the courtyard until it is all done......then.....I will tackle the monster that lies ahead. I'll need to sit down with the homeowners next year and get their input. I know 5 homeowners have their take on, the planters. I don't want to put anything in those things....but they look absolutely stupid without anything in again, I'll need to sit with the homeowners and talk. Well...that's all for this week. I have more rose pics....this week it was the week of the reds....I'll post soon. Promise. Until next week....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello all.....
Today I am sneezing and feeling the affects of the pollen drop around the property. It started several days ago and what a mess! I clean it up and more drops. Our pool is nasty and full of green stuff. The day temps have been in the 80's with lows in the 50's. This has caused other things to start shooting up in the ground. I see hope for elephant ears....finally. The tops are starting to pop out of the ground. Everything looks good. Even the castor beans are popping up with the cannas....I hope I spaced them all will be some compact gardening. Other things are growing like the ivy up the trellis around seating area. Roses are blooming....I keep cutting the blooms and hoping more will come:) There are some pics above showing some of the colors present in the C.C. rose garden. I look forward to the solar lights and pot times....I am closer but have rock, planter, pot purchases, bark mulch, etc yet to deal with.....but today I couldn't help dreaming of the reds and pinks and purples and blues that will hang off of the trees at will really be something beautiful.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Plant Update

Pic courtesy of diglloyd
The Fuyu Persimmons Tree

This weekend I was out of town and very anxious because I wasn't working in the garden. It's weird how I feel this way but I am afraid that if I leave the place, everything will go to hell. However all is well and everything is alive...or is it?? This winter I planted A LOT of plants. Some are doing well while others seem to be struggling. I have major issues with the juniper trees. They don't seem to work for me...partly because I don't think they get enough sun. I've been re-evaluating it and considering something more productive for the property corners. Perhaps several orange trees?

Roses are starting to put out blooms and they look wonderful. I did spot several aphids and clean them off. However someone is picking the flower petals off and just leaving the stem. I was a bit pissed....I don't know why as the rose buses are for everyone....but that's just it...they are for EVERYONE!! They need to be clipped, etc, but still.....people shouldn't be picking them yet. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post soon. They are quite beautiful.

The Red Baron Peach tree is doing alright and seems to look normal, but it hasn't leafed out too much. The lilac bushes haven't done much. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I'll hold out for them a bit more to see if they will grow.

The castor beans. Several have sprouted while others have not...I am waiting for more to come I am crossing my fingers. The elephant ear bulbs or caladiums STILL have not popped their little heads.....and speaking of no budding, my persimmons tree has popped a single bud. The plums, nectarines, apricots, peaches, apple, and fig have all started leafing out, but not the persimmons. Temps have been in the 70's and mid 80's with lows in the upper 40's to lower 50's.

My ash tree looks amazing and the verbena are so vibrant and just sprawls and looks amazing. An oleander bush almost fell over so I put a stake up to keep it in place. The bamboo has yellow on the leaves but that is normal for this time of year....soon this stuff is going to start shooting up.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more......