Monday, January 23, 2012

A Gaggle Of Geese

Nothing is more beautiful than geese flying over a river. 
While on vacation in Wisconsin, we stopped at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay.
The day was warmer and a bit foggy with snow flurries.....but you wouldn't know it with all the geese around.
All you have to do is listen and you'll hear them squack somewhere nearby.  They live all over Wisconsin.
As they take off, they will fly en masse semi "V" formations.
These shots are iconic of a fall or winter in Wisconsin.  The above shot is my favorite.  Take a closer look and you'll notice all the waterfowl in the background on the river and along the shoreline.
Some people bring bread and corn to feed the ducks or geese.  If you do this, just remember that geese have a nasty bite!  And some of them can be quite aggressive:)
Also watch where you step....

as their "droppings" are hard to get off your shoes......
But there is no denying that these are incredibly beautiful creatures.....
.....just watch your head:)


  1. You're right, there is nothing quite like the calls of geese, especially in flight early morning or late at night.

  2. Great captures of the geese in flight and close-ups. They sure are gorgeous birds!

  3. great post. i could practically hear them...

  4. Nice Goosey, please dont bite!! :-) LoL

  5. Yes, they are beautiful. I see them all over Colorado as well, squawking up a storm.

    I keep wondering when the Freegans will start cooking them up for dinner, though.

  6. Gorgeous photos! We have quite a few Canada Geese out here in the country. There are several ponds and lakes around.

  7. Iconic sights and sounds of winter. I miss those sometimes. But, only briefly! Great shots!

  8. The geese are wintering over more and more. I wonder if our fickle weather has anything to do with it. I never get tired of hearing them honk.

    Love these shots, especially the in flight ones.

  9. When I hear "Gaggle of Geese" it makes me giggle. :-)

  10. Wonderful captures. Such a pretty bird too. We get geese formations going over our garden. They can almost fill the sky. Seeing them is one thing but hearing them in the dark is another again :-)

  11. It's such a peaceful sound...geese honking as they fly overhead especially as the day ends. We saw a lot of them this past Saturday!

  12. I enjoyed seeing your geese photos. Thanks for your comment on my post about my blog title.


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