Sunday, November 11, 2012


Female Common Grackle
Something so common, like a bird on my car in the parking lot, can be some of the most fragile and perfect moments during the day.  Most just walk right by without really taking the time to observe.
Or the simple "ducks taking flight" from the water can relax the mind and inspire creative thinking.
And while not all shots on camera may be perfect, they are still lovely to recollect.
Within every moment, a gem hides waiting to be discovered.
A pause.  A brief moment.  A glance upwards.  Downwards. And behind reveal greater things.
But careful where you tread because you never know who will come your way.
But most certainly something is bound to glow and catch your attention.....even if it's just a glimpse.


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  2. You have a great eye and steady hand for those quick glimpses. Nice way to clear the mind.

  3. Wonderful captures:)Your so right, you just never know when something magical is going to
    happen.It doesn't really matter if the photos aren't what we think of as the perfect capture.

    I've just posted some that I know could be better, but the joy of spotting something new
    and interesting is way more important for me than the perfect shot.Anyway there's always another exciting day to look forward to, and who knows maybe another chance of getting that perfect shot, as it could happen anywhere.

    Warmest regards.

  4. Great photography as usual. I like the those pictures of them in flight - so dynamic and in focus.

  5. An real beauty is the Kingsnake.

  6. beautiful moments captured!
    awesome glimpses into your day!

    i LOVE the kingsnake!!

  7. WOW Chris....these are again very good photographed.

    Wish you a lovely sunday.

    Greetings, Joop

  8. My thoughts exactly Chris! An appreciation of the simple things is something no amount of money can ever buy yet it is the most valuable thing we can own. To find great pleasure in 'just a glimpse' is a wonderful gift which sadly so many lack. Your lovely post and photos illustrate that beautifully.

  9. Wow...a glimpse, especially with a camera, can be a great thing. I know architects that always carry a sketch pad...I think a camera is part of that, now! Even grackles can be appealing at the right time:-)

  10. Great photos - love the dragonfly in the last shot :)

  11. Great thoughts to accompany your great photos! Happy Sunday, to you.

  12. A great post Chris, with some lovely thoughts and images. Yes, glimpses can be extremely memorable whilst also extremely tantalising! The King Snake and dragonfly are my favourites of the images.

  13. Hi Chris, YES---there are glimpses of LIFE all around us--some of it very fragile and small... We just need to take time to look around and be aware... The snake would definitely get my attention!!!!! ha

  14. Alot of people have no idea what they're missing. From Findlay

  15. Chris, beautiful images. A lovely take on the life around you! have a great week ahead!

  16. Glimpses often yield the most wonderful surprises! Just driving out of my neighborhood yesterday I saw a rabbit and a quail where I often see them, right by the road. I see the Cooper's Hawks circling above my house sometimes. If you don't take the time to look, you miss so much....that's why I am anxious to get out and do some of your suggested excursions!

  17. It's wonderful to be alive to the majesty of nature, Chris!


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