Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Weight We Carry In This Life


                                                                       Black-throated Blue Warbler

This year has brought us joy and great sadness.  Throughout it all, many of us have found nature as an escape.  

Little gems show up in our neighborhoods nearby to get us excited like a rare Canada Warbler or Black-throated Blue Warbler. 

Ponds that have for years only held non-native turtle species are now becoming home again to our rare native Sonoran Mud Turtle. 

                                                                     Sonoran Mud Turtle

As we carry this covid weight on our shoulders, we find that there is adventure nearby.  As birders, we change the rules to make it more fun. 

                                                                    Canada Warbler in Pima County!

It hasn't been a year lost, but it has been a year of loss.  In 2019, I saw loved ones get sick.  Some passed away.  How could it possibly get any worse? And then it did.  

                                                                      Vermilion Flycatcher

I became VERY sick in October last year and it lasted until the first week of January.  Then covid hit.  Or did I have covid back in October?  Then friends got sick or had to go to the hospital.  Trips were cancelled and life came to a screeching halt.  

                                                            A rare for Pima Bell's Sparrow!

Not only does the US see a rise in covid cases AGAIN, but we've also experienced political unrest and environmental destruction caused by humans and global warming. Jobs are on the line. My job sees a rise in cases at the school.  How long will we stay open?  How long can this go on?? Food is on the line.  And we're still in a very sad place. There are those who have.  And those who don't. 

                                                            Great Horned Owl

Recently, four of our cats were poisoned by bad food. The older cats with health conditions died quickly. Two are still hanging on while our little ones seem unaffected. 

                                                                       Lincoln's Sparrow
And while it all seems overwhelming at times with tragedy after tragedy, there is a ray of hope.  A vaccine is coming.  Trump lost the election!  And Pima county has really seen some amazing and RARE warblers pass through our area! This week in Tucson, we are hosting a very cooperative Blackburnian Warbler!

                                                          Red-naped Sapsuckers

Somehow we are trying to muddle through all of this stress and anxiety.  I have to say that these past two weeks have been yet another stress test.  When there is time, which isn't often anymore, I go for a walk and do some quick birding to keep sane. 

                                                                       Pine Warbler
And there's a rare eastern warbler of the week showing up...Canada Warbler, Pine Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler.........very strange times!

                                                                       Blackburnian Warbler