Monday, November 26, 2012

Digging Deeper

Great Egret
Searching(chasing really) for the Western Grebe, I wasn't into the photography bit.  However, the one picture that I really worked for was this one.  It was an early early morning at around 6 AM before the humans and their dogs would arrive at Sam Lena Park in Tucson.  Using my GPS tracker, I was hot on the trail before it got too hot!
Western Grebe
I found my target bird which is only used for ID purposes.  This is not a great shot but evidence that I found the bird.  Along the way, I had nice views of this female Belted Kingfisher.  I am hoping to get better shots but this is my best so far.
Female Belted Kingfisher
However, my series of photos dealing with this Great Egret below would be the artsy shots for the day.  And everything thing else was just icing on the cake.  Here is my take on the work.  Note the clarity of the shadows and the slightly out of focus images of the actual bird and its' reflection.  And my intent here is, "What's real?"
And that was a thrill for me to observe!  But more importantly it creates a deeper shade to the shot than looking at "just another bird".  I think I took about 50 of these!  I never know when an opportunity will present itself, but when it does, I'm ready with the camera.
Spotted Sandpiper
While focusing on the Great Egret, my eye captured another lifebird scurrying along the shore of the lake.  Grabbing the camera, I snapped an image quickly before the bird disappeared.
Northern Rough Winged Swallow
Above my head, two Northern Rough Winged Swallows flew.  I questioned if they were real, but I snapped the shots for evidence.  Not all of them have migrated and several reports from that day indicated several were still in the area.
Northern Harriers
After Sam Lena, I headed to the Amado Recharge ponds to find the Lesser Scaup reported.  I would find the find the bird but not on this day.  But I did see another two Northern Harriers along the pond.  I had to strain my lens to get a poor quality shot.   They are such interesting birds.  I'll have a report on how challenging the birding has become so stay tuned for more:)


  1. I could sense your excitement over spotting some new life birds and the Egret's shadow and reflection.
    Nicely done, Chris.

  2. Marvelous unique shots with the egrets... Breathe in, breath out, breath in and hold... click.

  3. Chris, That picture of the egret is so unusual it almost looked like you manufactured the shot in Photoshop, but I know you didn't. A well taken opportunity - the kingfisher too. Our Northern (Hen) Harriers are impossible to approach after hundreds of years of persecution, persecution which still occurs.

  4. Congrats on finding the Grebe! I always try to take a shot for id purposes and to have a record of my sighting. Love the kingfisher, they seem to spook easily around me. Great birds and sightings, Chris! Have a happy day!

  5. On another subject, have you or are you going to see the 3D version of The Life of Pi??? I see it is in theaters now. Just saw that it is one of your fav books!

    1. I am not sure. The book was pretty powerful and in my mind, it's a wonderful thing. I'm not sure I want the movie to spoil my images but it has gotten good I might:) Watership Down, Life of Pi....excellent reads:)

  6. I agree that birding can sure be a challenge! But I also have to say that sometimes a bird actually seems to come to you and beg to be photographed. Strange but true. Your life list must be HUGE!

  7. It still sounds like it was a very productive day Chris with many fine photos to show for it.your enthusiasm is very appealing.

  8. LOVE the artsy shadow and reflection shots!

  9. i LOVE the egret reflection shot!! it's PERFECT!!!

    those little Kingfishers are such cute birds!! i see them sometimes when we take a ride to the river, but i have yet been able to get a good picture!
    keep on searching...keep on snapping! have a great week chris!

  10. Those egret shots are totally amazing. You were at the right place and took full advantage.

  11. The second is a much better composition. Blue or B&W I don't mind.
    I would boost contrast a bit but then that's just me. If you have fifty then a triptych, would look good. I thought you had just flipped the image but can see from the shadow that this is not the case....without an hour or two in PS it isn't. Great shots.

  12. You have REALLY caught the Birding Bug, Chris.... I see so much change in you this past year. So glad you are following one of your passions... That is so NEAT.

    Great shots... I especially like the Kingfisher one this time.

  13. Replies
    1. Oh I've read this alright. It's a bunch of crap. That mine goes in, people will be furious. We are fighting to stop it from happening. The Jaguars are coming back and if we do things correctly, we could have not only the Jaguar back but the Ocelot and Jagarundi populations grow. The Rosemont Mine cannot happen on this mountain range. EVER.

  14. good luck fighting the mine chris. Your birding photos are wonderful.

  15. Love the egret shot Chris - perfection and glad you managed to see more new species :)

  16. Hi Chris! Wow! The reflection shots are amazing! Great bird finds. I finally have my new computer up and running, and maybe I can get caught up! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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