Monday, December 19, 2011


Celebration.  School is out for the year.  I am on vacation. AND it was rainy cold today.  I walked out my door and spotted our resident Red Tail Hawk hanging out on our neighbor's Eucalyptus(it's dead, but I like how it looks against our mountains).
 I've been secretly hoping to snap shots of owls, but this was just as inspiring to see.  I wrote over a year ago that if you plant things, they will come....meaning the birds and critters.  And this year has been a real treat in the garden at El Presidio.
 It looked like an owl from afar, but my zoom lense took me closer.
 We have a little forest on the property here and lately hawks have been visiting.
 These two shots are a bit blurry, but I love how this hawk is puffing out the feathers.  I may not be id'ing this hawk correctly but I believe it's a Red Tailed Hawk and not a Cooper's Hawk because the iris is lighter.  If you click on the other link in the last paragraph, you can compare the photos.  All of these pics taken in my backyard:)
 And while we're at it, let's not forget our hummer friends.  I now run two hummingbird feeders and am reminded to switch them out every week.  I put them up and they fly around my head.  Interesting note.  There are two feeders on opposite ends of El Presidio and two sets of hummer families use them, but they will not cross one building over to feed from the other station.  Very territorial.
There  you have it!  I am looking forward to getting out on some amazing walks over the next several days for some little adventures.   More tomorrow....


  1. I like the hawk but I especially like the dead eucalyptus tree. There's usually a dead one somewhere in the bush around here and its stark branches are the preferred roost for lot of birds. I guess they can see further without all the foliage around them.

  2. Ahh...birdie love! Some of my favorite creatures, for sure...especially in winter!!!


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