Sunday, December 11, 2011

Balboa Park

Need a little inspiration and color in your life?  An escape from the routine?  On a vacation this past summer, we went to San Diego for a week.  While there, we stopped at Balboa Park in San Diego.  Here are some unique shots of the artists and their works around this magnificent and botanical haven.
I love color.  In this pic, I try out a beard and kinda like it.  LOVE this garden art.
I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz.  Where are the munchkins?  Well after reading Wicked, I'd rather not meet these disturbing little individuals. 
There are a lot of garden ideas at this park like from the pic below.  Check out this cool idea...
Magnify your flowers!!!
I had a blast playing around with this garden art and my camera.  People were looking at us funny, but we had fun taking the shots.:)
If you love gardens, there are several. 
If you love art, it's all over.
                                       These tree roots were cool and reminded me of Lord of the Rings
There were vases of flowers.
Lily ponds!!!
It was an eyefull of color and fun.  Bring your camera and spend a day at the zoo or just walk around the park.  Either way, it's a win win:) 
This is a free plant exhibit of tropical plants.
Make sure you sit outside and have some lunch along the waterway.
Once inside, I felt like I was back in Panama.
Ficus trees!  Oh My!!
A must see if you're going to San Diego.


  1. I love all these brilliantly colored photos. I saw that same kaleidoscope at a kaleidoscope shop in Jerome called Nelly Bly's this past summer. I believe the price tag was $3,600! I decided to wait until next year to get it because it wouldn't fit in my suitcase. I sure hope somebody didn't buy it and take it away to Balboa Park!

  2. Ah, this really makes me want to take a trip to San Diego! So much color and bright sky! Sounds like it was a great trip!

  3. Such a picturesque town, it is superb.

  4. Wow Chris, your photos are so colorful and vivid more than your previous photos. What did you do to attain these colors? Very lovely. I love most the roots though, I am also attracted to them as natural art.

  5. With these pics, I had to do very little except adjust the contrast and dim the brightness a bit. The color stood out on its own and I was surprised at how well the the flower kaleidoscope turned out. That was an experiment. We were playing with the piece and then I got the thought to put the camera right up to the piece. It was really cool.

  6. wow! really cool! the tree roots didn't look real!


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