Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fantasy

One of the most beautiful things for me during this time of year is the nutcracker. I love all things Tchaikovsky.  As a child growing up, I would look into our Christmas tree and pretend a community of elves, reindeer, and other magical beings would live inside the green needled forest.  Today, a little part of me wants to believe that it's possible.  The Nutcracker caught my attention as a child with its haunting melodies and unique international themes.  There is a timelessness to it all....like the "It's a Small World" attraction in Disneyland in California.  I had always been afraid of the Rat people attacking the Nutcracker Prince and Clara.  At night I would go to sleep listening to this classical work and dream in the hushed reds, blues, pinks and greens from the Christmas lights that our tree would come alive just like it did in the Nutcracker.  The soft pine scent added that little extra incentive to sleep and dream seamlessly from one world into the next. 
One of my absolute favorite holiday cartoons is the one where Chip and Dale get lost in the Christmas tree after Mickey Mouse chops down the tree.  Pluto, the dog, goes crazy and tries going after the mischievous chipmunks:)  Sometimes, I wish I could be so small and walk around the branches like they do in this magical world.
Case in point.  Our white kitty Luna climbing our Christmas tree from several years ago. I'd like to say I am envious but she smashed several beautiful ornaments around the tree.  Note to self.  Place expensive ornaments on top of tree and place kitty ornaments with bells on the bottom branches to distract them from the top ornaments:)


  1. The christmas spirits is in front of you, merry xmas.

  2. Dear R, this post shows me that, like me, you are in touch with your inner child. Those formative experiences can stay with us if we remember the magic. I love the nutcracker, it sends me dancing around the room usually. Happy Christmas, I hope we continue to share posts in 2012, cheers, catmint

  3. haha, i also saw two of our kitties chasing each other up and down the Christmas tree, they did not get or cut anything, just maybe playing. However, eventually the 3rd bigger one, their brother joined in and the tree tumbled down with a big THUG. Lesson: I should have held it tight and not just enjoyed watching their play. Merry Christmas Chris, and a blessed 2012 for you and your family.


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