Monday, December 12, 2011

Breakfast In Flagstaff

A haven from the sometimes oppressive heat of the desert, Flagstaff is a sky island of cooler temps, trees, and a snowy mountain top.  It was nice heading back here after 10 years of not having visited. Flagstaff is a slow and sometimes sleepy town, but if you organize your trip, you'll find it has a lot to offer.
We went to visit during the fall season and here are some shots we snapped at the Arboretum At Flagstaff.  While there, we ate at some wonderful places and met some fascinating people.  Flagstaff was our homebase for the several trips we took over the 4 day weekend to the Grand Canyon and Walnut Canyon.
There is a lot to do and a lot to see while visiting.  My recommendation, if you go now, is to pack warmer clothes and be ready for the odd snow storm that passes through this mountainous area.  Vehicles can get stuck with the freezing temps and make it difficult to get in or out of the city.  But today's focus is on food!!! And more specifically....breakfast:)
There is a lot of charm around this town and it appears that much has not changed.  NAU or Northern Arizona University plays a big role in the city's center. 
I want to tell you about some of the food we ate there as it was phenomenal!!!  I'm serious!  Chilaquiles are delicious and you won't find a better Mexican breakfast treat in the state except for Martannes.   My body will sometimes go into shock if I don't have this delicious Mexican meal.  Imagine.  Tortilla strips in a red or green sauce.  With eggs.  And maybe refried beans.  Or chicken. Fried together over an open stove in a frying pan. Perfection my friends....perfection.
I highly recommend this gem in Flagstaff and I promise that you won't be disappointed.  Ask for chilaquiles(cheel-ah-ki-lays). If you've never had them, you need to order a plate.  If you are a beginner, start with the red sauce and don't add any meat because it's a lot of food.....unless you have a large appetite.  If you like an adventure and don't mind a bit of spice, try the green personal favorite.  I'll admit, it took me years to get to that place, but once you go green, you'll never go back to the red:)
Martannes is located downtown Flagstaff.  This place can get busy and weekdays seem to allow for a quieter crowd....but that isn't always guaranteed:)  There is one other mention that I'd like to share with you all.  Before we left for Walnut Canyon, we stopped at another breakfast place with fresh....let me repeat that word.....FRESH biscuits and gravy!!!  I've never had this traditional southern dish before, but I am so glad I tried their fresh biscuits!!!  They were HOMEMADE and yum yum yum!!  Where is this place?   Again, the "place" is located in Flagstaff at Mike and Ronda's The Place.  Go and order one of their delicious breakfasts.  I am a food person and love all things with a home touch.  I know there is a lot about Flagstaff that we didn't see, but we did get to experience some excellent dining options before our major road trips.  If you visit Arizona, I recommend a trip to this interesting change of scenery and temps!  More tomorrow....


  1. It sounds like another great experience!
    Don;t know the place but will try it one day...

  2. Martanne's sounds great...I have not driven into Flag much at all.

    But The Place...MMMM...only eaten at their 2nd restaurant in N Phx (51st Av & Bell Rd). You are not kidding on how good those biscuits are, though I get without gravy. Breakfast w/ one of their biscuits satisfies for the 6 hr drive back to Abq!

    We can't garden without good food...

  3. i love the shot of the dried weeds/flowers with the spider webs attached. :)

    thanks for finding my blog and leaving comments this weekend! really appreciate it!

  4. Thanks so much for all of the great info on Flagstaff... Sounds like you all had a wonderful time... Both restaurants sound great.

    We took our first trip out west this past Summer---and we definitely want to go back!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas.


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