Monday, December 5, 2011

Urban Design

Clean.  Unique. Repeating form.  This summer in San Diego during our Comicon adventure, I spotted this cool feature on the stairs of the convention center downtown.
Stepping back, this whole section added a little color and form to the drab staircase next to it.  But what I loved most about it all was how it was set up.  Here in Tucson, this look can be achieved with many of our cacti and agaves.  In San Diego, you have a large succulent choice.  I currently use this idea with our cacti garden.  Do you use repetition in your garden?  How do you do it? And what plants do you use to accomplish this look?


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  2. Love so much cacti, agaves and succulents! In my garden I have many hungry ants that eat my flowers... Fortunately they keep away from my cacti, agaves and succulents.

    Have a good week ahead.

  3. i love the look, but i'm too undisciplined to use much repetition in my garden...too hard to give up having one of everything!

  4. I'm not very good with repetition in my garden. 'They' say that it makes a bigger impact, which it does. I'm always impressed when I see other people do it.

    But I'm one of 'those' gardeners who likes to have one of everything in my garden. About the only time of year where I make an impact with repetition is in the fall when I fill my gardens full of coleus. But even then, it's not the same variety, it's different ones lol. :)

  5. Hi There, thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime...

    Neat display on the steps at the convention center in San Diego. We love gardening also ---and we raise lots of flowers in Spring/Summer/Fall.. We also grow ROSES --and have about 55 different varieties in our yard.

    My best friend is a Spanish teacher. She and her hubby visit Mexico annually so that she can continue to learn the language. She does alot of translating for the school system in her area.

    Thanks again.

  6. Very attractive arrangement! I like :-D


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