Sunday, December 18, 2011

Road Trips To The Mountains

If our weather hasn't been too holiday like for you here in the desert, you need to simply head to the mountains which are just a stones throw away!  In Tucson, you can head to Madera Canyon, Summerhaven, the White Mountains, or lots of other places.  We've had some great rain this season and I hope it continues.  At times, when needing a little fresh air, we'll road trip up into the mountains and freeze ourselves for a cup of hot cocoa and forget that Tucson is below us:)  It's one of the reasons why Tucson is such a great place to live.  There's so much outside stuff to do around us.  So for a little holiday spirit, head up to our local mountains or canyons for some wintery weather fun:)

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  1. Those leaves that points to the sun, the photo is absolutely beautiful.


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