Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Thing?

On a road trip to the Chiricahua Mountains, we stopped at this gas station/museum near Willcox, Arizona. For miles and miles before this exit, there were signs leading up to.....THE THING.  The signs plant a subliminal message in your head long before you get there.....and also by placing a Dairy Queen next door to the museum to cool you off.  Clever marketing strategy:)  We had to stop and fill up on gas and grab some ice cream for the long drive ahead of us. While I was in the store, I had the option of paying 1 dollar to see what THE THING was all about, but I didn't. Why not? Well, I love seeing the signs and thinking about what it could be.  Each time I drive past those signs, it's a nastier and scarier image than before.  For me, some things are better left to the imagination. And you?


  1. Interesting - I paid the $1 enroute a conference in Tucson in 2001-ish. What one of their displays said it wasn't actually looked like what it was. "Quite logical, Captain".

    But I won't say anything...shh!

    The Thing didn't allow pictures, so I didn't take any. (but some are online) I'm glad a few campy tourist-traps like that are left, so I try to visit! So many abandoned ones near me, since I am <100 yards from Rt 66...

  2. That's a bummer. I agree with you's cool to have these little strange and campy places around. It's like going back into the past.

  3. We stop everytime we drive by.....about once a decade. LOL...still get sucked in even though I know what is there...

  4. "The Thing" has been around in New Mexico for decades. On my trip through to Arizona this last summer I was surprised to see it still being hawked on the frontage roads in various places.


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