Friday, December 9, 2011

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs.  This place is simply gorgeous and amazing.  All the skinny American people live here and I think I really understood why people from Colorado are in shape.....there's so much to do outdoors!!  Virtually every part of this city has a view and trail somewhere for people to walk and explore.  Today's post focuses on Garden of the Gods.  It's free to the public and an easy walk around the park.
You'll see a lot of people rockclimbing or running on the trails.  Of course, there are lots of walkers around the main entrance. 
My mom went here several years ago during a trip out to Colorado and told me about this place.  I remember her putting several screensavers up on our computer.  These pictures had rocks with snow on top of them....and for some reason, made me think of the holiday season.  Today when I see these pics I think of Christmas.....even though this place has nothing to do with the season.  It was a weird memory association.  I do remember feeling envy and a desire to visit this place.  Years later.....It would happen.  I would discover a place called The North Pole where Santa lived....and once again I would associate forever Colorado Springs with Christmas.  Strange!
It's open daily, but check the times below for the hours because they do change during winter and summer. It's considered a National Landmark and full of flora and fauna.
Of course, there is no beating the sky!!!  We went in October which was just in time to see the Aspen and other trees turn color for fall. Several days later, snow would fall.
They also had a cheesy souvenir shop with overpriced things, but on the day we went, it was all about the family and Halloween.  There was this guy dressed in a scary rabbit outfit and I really wanted a picture with him....but I didn't do it.  I laughed outloud at the ridiculous nature of his outfit.  It was almost as if he hated dressing up for the event.  However, I still suffer from bouts of shyness and regret not taking the time to get that shot!!!  It would have been funny. The faces kids made were priceless.....
Originally this park was owned by a family who eventually passed it over for all to visit and today it's maintained by the city of Colorado Springs.  There are also volunteers that come and help out around the grounds. 
There's a lot to see and do in Colorado Springs.....almost too much.  Tucson has a lot to do, but Colorado well....that would have taken a full week to visit.  We only had two days, but they were really a lot of fun.
If you have family in wheelchairs or kids in strollers and would like to take them on a day trip, this is the perfect place to visit.  Everything is rather easy to walk.  We saw a lot of runners, rockclimbers, and elderly people being pushed by their kids around the level pavement sidewalks. And there were plenty of mothers with strollers!
And that's exactly what we used the day day.  We hung out and walked, ate, and visited the lovely city of Colorado Springs.  Beautiful!
For more information, click on this link.


  1. On our first trip to Co. we stopped by on our way back to our base in Denver. It was indeed amazing, particularly for someone who lives where the topography is flat, flat like a kitchen table. Unfortunately it was high summer and I had a very difficult time getting any pictures that did not include throngs of people, and that gift shop was a small corner of hell. Next time, maybe we can visit in October.

  2. Oh, be still, my heart! What wonderful visits. With autumn leaves to boot! Gorgeous.


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