Friday, December 16, 2011

Tucson Love

Picture taken by Paul Weinfurtner
 Our weather has been pretty amazing this month creating vistas that you may see elsewhere in the world.  Tucson photographers have been running all  the place snapping shots of the rare landscape changes we experience every once in awhile.  These photos are taken by Tucson locals....not by me.   By the time I get home from work, it's time for bed.  All of that will be changing as of today.....when vacation starts:) Starting tonight, I get to go on a photography shoot:)
 And let's not forget the Arizona sunsets taken by photographer "John Eye".  I'm not sure if that's his codename, but he sure know how to capture those shots.  Taken by or on Mt. Lemmon


  1. Boy, does he! Enjoy your vacation. I am looking forward to your shots now.

  2. Very beautiful, Chris. That first one is so enchanting. I guess it is only seen in your part of the world.


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