Friday, December 30, 2011


Sometimes I withdraw into my own little world.....and just think.  There are little miracles all around me that happen everyday.  I know I make an impact on the world, but it's never really evident how it all goes down.....I just know that I make a difference.  I was born to support structures and be creative within them. Sometimes I wonder if there is ever an original idea out there to be discovered. I open a book up and read....just read. One weekend in Rocky Point, Mexico, I sat back and read, ate carrot cake, read some more, and walked the beach alone picking up shells as the waves crashed over my feet.
I know that everyday is vital and important.  I know that everyday is special and unique.  Sometimes I forget those things and get lost in my routine......and forget to breathe. Photography allows me to focus and shut out the world and pay attention to the things that matter the most.  Gardening also allows me to create and dream of inspiration.  As the El Presidio garden grows; so do I.  The garden angers me, makes me happy, makes me want to do more.....and do less.  Sometimes I just want to shut the doors and not look outside because it frustrates me.  And yet it's still there when I open the door again. 
Sometimes a little getaway helps me escape the work and issues every gardener has in their own world.  But it's when I come back from my getaway that I feel inspired to get back into my work around the property. And that's when I feel alive......


  1. Me too - on everything you say, though we have different vocations. I just teach for free and get paid to design...and do legal defense and more education for free. Couldn't pay me to do this knowing what I know now, even at $1 million/year salary, but I have to make the most of it.

  2. loved this post. made me smile. :)

  3. So true! Seeing how well used my garden is by the neighborhood critters is motivation to keep it alive and healthy. Our gardens, like our actions, are always bigger than we are.

  4. OMG...that is some beautiful photography!!! I am certainly hearing you about taking a break...I am so ready for one! Tomorrow I am going out to a state park and just breathe and look, and see.

  5. Great sky shots.

    Funny about gardening, it is not the picking of flowers that is important, it is the weeding that makes us at one with the Earth.

  6. Beautiful skies.

    Funny about gardening, it is not hte picking of flowers that os important but the weeding that makes one at one with the Earth.

  7. Very nice pictures....god work.

    Wish you a very good 2012 !!

    greetings, Joop


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