Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Swallowtail's Jig

Decision making is tough.
 Especially if you're this swallowtail.
 Too many flowers to pick from.....
 and one visit led to the rapid next.......

.......until finally the Swallowtail made a decision to go somewhere else.  


  1. Nice photo progression! I am sensing some pretty cool things coming up on your blog, including time-lapse. I need to start capturing scenes like this with the swallowtail, so interactive!

  2. When he finally decided to leave, he is already full of the nectar it sipped, haha! lovely and detailed photos there. I know how difficult to pin the forewings of swallowtails because when they alight their forewings keep on fluttering.

  3. Swallowtails are so beautiful! Nice photos!!!


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