Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple Annie's

It's October!!!  I just covered one aspect of living in the desert....gardening!  But there is so much more to enjoy during this month!!  Like apples! Day of the Dead! Hiking! Quite simply, fall has arrived.  I miss my friends and family back in Wisconsin. While living in Arizona was the right move for me, it was also a difficult decision.  I didn't move away from my family so that I could be far away from them; I moved away because I hated the cloudy weather!!!  Talk about depression.  It's funny that most people move away because they don't want to be around their relatives, but for me it's quite the opposite.  I love my family very much and wish I had more time with them.  There's nothing better than hanging out together on a road trip to the farm, or to the state park, or "dragging" my Dad on a photo shoot around the state(he actually likes it!), or apple picking, or the million other things we Wisconsites like to do.  But I'm not a Wisconsinite anymore(well location wise). I'm proud of my former state and think it's one of the best places to grow up around people who are down-to-Earth and friendly.  Everywhere I go, I meet people(those who are not from the Great Lakes Region) who think we are talkative and simple folk.  Maybe.  But we are for the most part genuine, hardworking, family oriented, card playing, football loving, gardening and honest people types who love to drink and eat food!!  Hobbits really:)  I'm all of those except football loving....don't like sports at is fun though.  Anyhow....Apple Annie's.  I miss apple picking. 
South of Tucson, near the town of Willcox, there is a place where you and your family can go to pick not only apples but many other kinds of produce.  It's fun for the kids and you'll smile watching your family enjoy a day outside in the beautiful sunshine amongst the fruit orchards of Apple Annie's.
While Apple Annie has more than just apples, it's main attraction is....apples.  But there are peaches, pears, pumpkins and all the other good things in life we should enjoy. They serve apple flavored hamburgers, ice creams, and even offer hayrides. If you like canning applesauce, etc, be prepared to do a lot of picking.  They also have a gift shop with all kinds of little gifts to buy. On their website, they have what fruit is available according to the month. After writing about pumpkins, I start to think of pumpkin seeds fresh out of the oven.  Oh yeah.....
So if you want to get into the holiday and seasonal spirit, I recommend you head over to Apple Annie's. Because the desert doesn't show the traditional signs of seasonal change, I have to do things that remind me that they are changing.  It can get a bit sunny so bring sunglasses and sunscreen.  Sometimes it's windy and dusty so prepare for that as well.  Apple Annies will be open until the end of this month. PS.  If you haven't had an Asian Pear, you need to try one. They have this fruit available as well. You haven't tasted anything until you bite into one of these juicy little gems.  Click here for info on apple pears or asian pears.  So much more to share.  Thanks for following Las Aventuras.


  1. I love apples too for eating and baking.
    My favourite apple is Jonagold and can be viewed on my blog.
    Always remember:
    'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'.

    Great post, Gisela

  2. I'm happy to say I have been to Apple Annie's!

  3. For some reason I would expect apple trees to be growing in Arizona...learn something new every day. That's what I like about blogging :)

    I hear you on the missing family thing. I haven't seen mine in almost 6 years. I need a richer family! lol

  4. I wish we had apple orchards to visit. Sounds so good. Each person has their own path. You're blessed for having experiences in different places.
    Love asian pears. They are delicious!!

  5. Asian pears are heaven. Life is so short and there's so much to do. Of course it helps not having children to do those things. I'm facing life choices within the next couple. Kids or travel. That is the big question.


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