Monday, October 31, 2011

Living Lawn Ornaments

At first, I thought I was seeing did the woman who lived in this house.  She was on her way out and did a double take.  Again, back in Colorado Springs, here is yet another deer sighting! These two bucks were on the front lawn.  I thought it was just lawn art but when I caught movement off to my side, I quickly realized that the "art" was moving.
 The homeowner just hung out, like we did, and watched Mother Nature at work.  Incredibly beautiful and again, this scene happened at twilight....which made driving home a bit tricky and a bit dangerous.


  1. Those bucks are magnificent!!

  2. I had similar experience. One day I got home and saw a strange doll on a chair with eyes looking at me until it moved!

  3. Oh my that is scary!!!

  4. Wow how beautiful and exciting! Great shots!


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