Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deer Season

The best part about hikes come from the unexpected things you come across during the walk.  While in Colorado Springs, I think I saw every kind of deer you can possibly imagine.  In fact, during this trip, everywhere we turned, there were are several amazing shots thanks to the new camera that allowed me to capture these wonderful moments.
 It started with one....and then.....many!!!  Camera in hand on rapid shot fire......
 ...they followed an imaginary trail on the prairie grass......
 .....sometimes walking.....sometimes running......and sometimes jumping.......
 .......and they made their way through the cool weather passing us by looking every once in awhile.... our direction.....
....until eventually they disappeared into the woods.  It was a great way to end the evening:)
Of course the best time to spot deer is early morning and before sunset.


  1. It's always so exciting to capture shots like these. A deer crossed through our meadow this morning and then back again but my camera was not near and was not ready.

  2. AWESOME series of deer pics! That is so cool, and the textures of the grasses and brush causes me to want to light a fire tonight. But out of fire wood...

  3. Nice photo story! Those deer have some big ears!


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