Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ruffles Have Ridges!

This latter part of the month has been more reflective with photos and less about my gardening ideas or work. I have also been working on future posts from several areas in the state of Arizona for future postings.  I feel pictures can also convey a message within their captured moment that tell a story.  It may be a little abstract, but the pics may stop and make us think about how we design our gardens or place centerpiece trees/bushes in our yards to give it that extra "something". Today's final palm post is one that caught my attention.  It cannot be grown in Arizona because it's too hot AND cold here. Well, you can, but just keep it in a pot and protect from intense sun or extreme freezes.  It's call the Ruffled Fan Palm or Licuala Grandis.  Many people ask about this palm because it has such a unique structure and habit.  So for my Tucson gardening friends.....put this palm in a pot:) or greenhouse.  I will occassionally see it for sale and it really has a unique a Ruffles potato chip. Below is a short video that I took from Panama this summer.  Watch how the wind moves through the plant......



  1. It has slightly the look of a fan palm that I liked very much in a previous backyard but which had so many dangerous "spikes!" (thorns?) I wonder about this one?

  2. Licuala is a genus I'd love to grow here in Houston, but I never see it offered for sale. Does L. grandis have any cold tolerance? Most in this genus can't take a freeze but I'm always hopeful.
    David/ :-)

  3. This palm does not do well with freezing temps at all. This is purely a palm for the greenhouse or somewhere protected from the cold. But I do love the look:)


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