Friday, October 28, 2011

Moon Over Coiba Island

Moon over Coiba Island
I absolutely love the moon and I'm never bored by all the shapes, colors and sizes it makes in our beautiful skies around the world.  Here are some shots of the moon from the virgen rain forests of the Coiba Island chain off of the Panama Coast in the Pacific Ocean.
I've saved several of these artsy shots from my photo shoots this past summer for later posts.  It's nice to revisit the trip from this beautiful country again.  There's nothing like seeing the moon and knowing that we are a but a speck in the cosmos.  In one part of the word where the moon is just as visible, there are cars beeping their horns on busy highways.  Yet here I saw that same moon surrounded by a tropical rain forest....and that thought brought a smile to my face.

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  1. The lush green with the beautiful blue sky frame the moon absolutely beautifully. Very nice. I feel like I'm basking on the island right now.


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