Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Passing By"

The name of the game today is "Passing By".  On our trip this past summer from Tucson to San Diego, we took the long, and sometimes boring trip on Highway 8 to the Pacific Coast. To make it more exciting, I brought my camera.  The rules for this photography game were simple.  One person drives and the other person snaps pictures.  You can't stop the car or get out of the car BUT you can take pictures from your seat.  Rolling down the window is okay:)  Over the past couple weeks, you've seen some of these "passing by" shots at 1 PM each day.   I'm working on my photography now to improve my work on this blog.
The Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma
 The Imperial Sand Dunes outside of Yuma.....
 As we entered El Centro, bales of hay were everywhere.
Green, yellow, golden bales of hay.
As we left the El Centro area and entered Alpine.  Trucks could be seen transporting the hay through the windy roads of Highway 8.
As we got higher.....
Massive giant windmills towered over cars and mountain ridges.....
And that's "Passing By".


  1. Number 6 being my favorite between texture of the hay and texture of the mountains as a backdrop. A story in the picture.

  2. Oooo, I like that idea for a game--except that I don't have much luck with photography out the window of the car. But your shots are great!

  3. Ton blog est très intéressant.
    Dis donc, le vendeur d'éoliennes du coin, il a du faire fortune, s'il en place autant à chaque virage !


  4. Bonjour! Merci! Thank you for reading. My French is terrible but I do understand it....and I've been known to randomly speak the language once and awhile after a bottle of wine:) Hope you're having a good start to your weekend!

  5. Cool post! I knew about the windmills but not the hay!
    David/ :-)


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