Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Flight Training

 At this time last year, I purchased a new camera to become a better photographer.  Within a year, I wanted more features. Last night at around 7 PM, I was given an amazing gift from my other half for my upcoming birthday and Christmas present....a camera for beginning professionals. Today's test is an okay one, but I can do better.  Here are some of the shots without using the quick shots yet.  That setting will allow me to catch hummingbird's in still flight with their wings not blurred.
 I'm already liking the camera very much.  It's lightweight and easy to use with a lot of features!!!  My new birthday present from Pat is the Canon EOS Rebel T3I.
This camera will be excellent for shots that don't require fast movement.  Tricky with birds and that's why I will keep my older camera for the action shots.  However, the quality of pic is crystal clear and very detailed. and far superior to my older shots.  This was the AV setting, but I have yet to experiment with the TV and rapid fire shots....which are rapid at 3 frames per second!  The above pic would have shown the wings in mid flight....I'll get them.  These pics were taken outside my dining room window from the Fern Garden at El Presidio.
This week I head up North for some fantastic photo shoots and I look forward to sharing with all our journey.  This camera is expensive and requires me to change scopes which I like, but it can get tricky for close ups vs far shots.  For my birding friends, I counted at least 3 different hummers in my garden today. Stay tuned for more.....


  1. Happy birthday! Enjoy your new camera! All the photos look good to me.

  2. Gorgeous shots and happy birthday!


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