Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forests Across the World Dying Off as Climate Warms

A mountainside in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana shows an area recently burned beside a living stand of forest under attack by mountain pine beetles. The reddish trees are already dead. Photo by Josh Haner for the New York Times.
Here's a lead into tomorrow's topic on Las Aventuras.  How can we as a global community stop the loss of this precious valuable natural resource?  Click on Forests Dying Off from the New York Times on this interesting article by Justin Gillis at MSN.


  1. I'm a fanatic about recycling, even in my classroom. It's such an easy thing for everyone to do and has such a positive impact. Pictures that show Earth dying are so upseting but are necessary to continue raising awareness. I teach my students the impact their decision to buy a plastic automatic pencil instead of a wooden one has on the environment. They actually think they're helping the Earth by not cutting down trees but they, and their parents, don't see the big picture. Frustrating!!

  2. Oh Chris this is a very bad picture of our vegetation! It is so sad and scary. Do you know that because of the typhoon which we just had many towns and provinces in our country are now flooded, even a week after the typhoon left! That is because of too much rain poured in these parts. We are used to have more than 20 typhoons per year during our rainy season, but flooding occurs only now! Maybe it will aggravate more in the future.

  3. bob dylan sang it many years ago: when will they ever learn?


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