Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sign Language for Cactus

My sign language is bad, but I can speak a little Tarzan with my hands.  Working with special needs kids, I had to teach myself basic words so that I could communicate with them at school and in their homes.  I thought it would be fun to share the sign for cactus with you all. When I first discovered what the hand gesture was, I laughed so hard.  I'm not going to do that hand gesture, but I'll let your mind figure it out below:) I was working out in the gardens at a group home when someone flipped me off.  Using my terrible sign, I said, "Excuse me?" and then they pointed to the cactus.  Imagine all the fun that followed that little gem of knowledge:) To be on the safe side, I asked an ASL teacher and it was confirmed.  He was signing cactus not insulting me.  Phewww. 

This is the real sign for the Saguaro cactus. Of course there are other signs for cactus, but people learning sign don't forget this one.  Next time someone flips you the bird, think of this pic and smile.  Until tomorrow friends.....


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