Monday, October 10, 2011

Butterfly Magic at the Tucson Botanical Gardens 2011

The Tucson Botanical Gardens now presents Butterfly Magic until April 30th, 2012 of next year.
 There's always something going on in the gardens.  Tickets are 4 dollars for members and 5 dollars for non members.
 Butterfly magic is open from 9AM to 3 PM each day.
 It does get humid inside the building.  A stamp will be issued to revisit if you need a break from the heat.
 Bring your camera and have lots of fun! 
 The exhibit has butterflies from all over the world and is constantly changing their display. It's Arizona's only live TROPICAL butterfly exhibit. It's pretty awesome.
Here's a video I shot last year.


  1. Butterflies are just so magical. I really like the colour through the wings on the second one. It makes it look surprisingly elegant even though it just has earth tones in the wings.

  2. It's easier to take their photos when inside the enclosed butterfly garden. Yes i see those here, maybe except the blue morpho. We have most of these in the wild in our property in the province. I am a butterfly fan too, and for a while wondered also in some butterfly farms to see their natural host plants. Thanks for the video though i had long time downloading it.

  3. These are so beautiful, Chris. They almost look like paintings. You should frame each of them.

  4. Your butterfly photos are perfection!


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