Monday, October 31, 2011

No Need for Masks or Expensive Wedding Dresses!

Years ago, I snapped these scary looking masks at the market of Chichicastenango in Guatemala.  They are Mayan masks full and color and design.  For people in the desert southwest, they make a great addition to your home or garden.  There's a restaurant here called Cafe Poca Cosa that utilizes these masks in their they serve a delicious meal. 
Last year at this time, my friends were getting married in their backyard for Halloween up in Phoenix.  No need for the wedding dress or fancy overpriced dinner halls.  We had a blast and everyone loved the evening.  Best wedding ever!!!  To Justin and Gabi, congrats on your first year together!!  And I'd like to wish the same to my Mother-In-Law Kathy and her husband Steve. We had two weddings during this month.  Here's a vid I put together.

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