Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Milwaukee Zoo

My nieces Chachee and Princess Morgana
Today's post is about family and the Milwaukee Zoo.  While this was quite the disaster in terms of planning for our 20 plus member family, we did learn several things.  In the immediate family, we are 8....Mom, Dad, 4 boys, 2 girls.  Each of us has a partner and 4 of the 6 siblings have lots of children which number in the thousands!  LOL!  I can't keep up with all the names.  Everytime I go home to visit, I meet new kids for the first time. On my next visit in December, I'll be seeing 2 new additions.  Christmas certainly has become a packed family affair at my parent's house.  In total, there are 10 nephews and nieces.  This family trip to Milwaukee was quite the workout.  We learned that in large families, like ours, a plan must be in place.  For example, it would have been helpful to break up into 3 teams.  It was interesting to watch everyone interact with each other.  I'm kind of a nomad and don't like to be stuck in big groups.  Actually my Mom is the same way.  So we stole my two nieces and did our own thing:)
While the girls had their makeup put on, I went around and snapped shots of the various things at the zoo.  Bring food if you want to cut down on the expenses.  Coolers are important and we stored them in the car for lunchtime.  It was quite the sandwich production.  There are picnic areas for you to use.
Also bring money.  There seemed to be lots of extra costs here and there.  The water show that you'll see below, the food stands, the dinosaur show, the painting artists, and the train ride are all examples of the little extras that pop up over the day. I didn't take a lot of shots on animals.  Why not?  They're caged and there's no sport in snapping a pic of something trapped.  I understand the importance of zoos, but there are times that they can also make me sad.  Nasty people eating bags of salty gross popcorn while tapping on glass or screaming at caged animals is not my idea of fun.  Now watching my family interact with all of this excitement was another story:)  There was a lot of irritation that day on everyone's part, but this family outing did succeed in modifying future Rohrer plans down the road.  As a family grows so do the ways a group functions:)
I did have fun and it's a great way to spend the day with the family and friends.  For more information, click here on the Milwaukee Zoo More tomorrow friends....


  1. The shot of the peacock is fabulous. So airy and feathery.

  2. Love those showy peacocks!!! What a wonderful outing for a large group! You probably enjoyed it more off with your Mom and the neices...I sure would. We are planning a trip to our zoo here, maybe you kinda confirmed it for me how great it will be. Thanks!!!
    xoxo- Julie


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