Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perfect Spaces

For several days now, I've been highlighting some scenes from Tucson and surrounding areas at 1 PM.  These posts follow up my main topic for the day.  I'm definitely here in Tucson and I want you to know that I haven't forgotten:) the core theme of my blog.  
 Here are some desert spaces near the El Presidio park in downtown Tucson that I think capture the heart of a Tucson garden.   Note how the color and structure of the plant defines the space.  It's pleasing to the eye.  If you're from the midwest, like I was, it's strange for us to be comfortable with this as we like our green lawns and empty spaces filled with large trees and flowers.  But after living in the desert for awhile, this type of garden really grows on you.  Today I'd call this gallery of shots.....perfection:)

So here's my tip for today.  This is a great way to set up your front yard at your home.  Think of your backyard as a place to put your trees and special projects.  The wildlife will thank you for your desert friendly landscaping:)


  1. This is very pretty. Not lush but very artsy.

  2. Simply excellent..the very essence of desert garden style.
    Great colors on those walls give the whole scene excitement.
    David/ Tropical Texana

  3. I love looking at cactus and cactus gardens, but i don't have them. I am also hesitant to have them because mainly of the thorns! So maybe i will just enjoy them in your photos and Noelle's.

  4. Incredible photos! The lighting is amazing. I love the purple building in the background. I should be living there. And I really need to incorporate flowers at the base of my cactus.

  5. What a cool design. Love the use of that really tall cactus there that made great contrast with low growing shrubs.


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