Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elberta Peach

Why a post on peaches in July? Well anyone who has peach trees growing in their landscape will tell you that the peaches are ready to be picked.   In Tucson? Oooooh yes!!  I have 3 peach trees growing on the property and it's time to enjoy the *excuse the pun* fruits of my labor:)  Peach trees have low chilling hour requirements and make great fruit trees for our Tucson area.  Let's look at the Elberta Peach. 

Of my 3 trees, this variety has produced some of the most delicious peaches.  I wrote about the Red Baron Peach back in February.  While it had beautiful dark and large pink flowers, it hasn't produced any fruit yet.  The Elberta, which I placed into the ground less than a year ago, has produced two crops of fruit!  The above pic is a sample of the profuse pink blooms that covered our tree at El Presidio.
Here is a pic of the fruit in May.  I have about 12 or 13 of these delightful peaches on the tree right now.  Protect them from the extreme wind......and ants:)  It loves full sun with regular watering.  It's a moderate grower with a roundish habit. You can buy this plant as a dwarf, semi-dwarf, or normal size plant.  Mine is a semi-dwarf variety that will reach 12-15 feet.  The tree can get 15-25 feet high with a spread of 8-20 feet .  The chill hours required are listed at 750-800 hours.  Remember that chill hours are anything below 45 degrees during our winter months.  This winter we had A LOT of chill in the air:) However this variety was listed with a chill hour requirement of 450-500 hours.  So far, it has been the best performing peach tree on the property.  I look forward to people sampling the amazing peaches this summer.  Until next time.....


  1. That ripe peach and blossoms look lovely and luscious!

  2. Our peaches are ready in Texas too! I love to see what is growing around the country.

  3. Yummy! Peaches are my favorite fruits. Just last weekend I just made a peach cobbler for 4th of July and my hubby was only yesterday asking if I could bake a peach pie next weekend.
    It's peach time here in Texas as well, as Josie already said, and since I don't have any peach tree in my garden myself, I usually buy them from my favorite local farmer.
    Paula Jo

  4. A peach from the tree, fresh and sweet... I am jealous!

  5. I had no idea peaches would grow and get what they need for chilling in Tucson, most years. Yes, this winter satisfied major hours! So much, there is not a peach or apricot in Abq with one fruit, since the flower buds even froze. Glad you didn't )or can't) get that cold.


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