Saturday, July 30, 2011


Taking a little break from the busy summer activities.  Here is a plant that does very well here in Tucson during our summer months.  It does not like our winter at all so I'd keep this plant in a pot or planter.  Butterflies love it and the blooms stay on the plant forever! It needs regular watering and will take a lot of morning and early afternoon sun. I have this plant on the northern exposure of El Presidio Gardens.  Do not place this in shade as it will not grow to its full potential.  It comes in a variety of colors as seen in this pic. Our reds and pinks are doing very well here.  The white variety is a bit stunted.
Treat this plant as an annual.  If you have a greenhouse, place pentas there during the cold winter months of January and February.  A great choice for our Tucson heat and morning sun!  Plus in combo with other butterfly plants in the garden, this makes a wonderful addition!  Choose the reds, purples, and pinks to attract hummers! Plant with good gardening soil.

Here is some basic info....
LIGHT: full sun
SPACE: 10 - 20 inches apart
HEIGHT: 10-18 inches tall
BLOOM TIME: spring, summer, and fall
FEED: plant food
PLANT WITH: Salvia and Coneflower
Water:  With 95+ degrees, regular watering is required.  Less if in more shade.

A great plant for your Tucson garden! Pentas is one of the easier plants to grow if you're good with the watering:)  Until tomorrow!


  1. Smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.

  2. Thanks for showing that these are successful in the desert SW. I see them mentioned all the time in Florida, so I had no idea until now. A good choice here in pots in 1/2 sun, it seems. A good variety of flower colors, too.


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