Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Tex BBQ

During our trip to the Chiricahua Mountains, we passed through the strange little town of Willcox.  We had been driving for hours and were hungry.  A curious looking red train caught our attention with the name Big Tex BBQ.  Now I'm not a fan of BBQ, but I was hungry and the place looked interesting.   We parked the car and I snapped several outside pics.  They had some lovely rose bushes growing along the side, but while I was doing that.......someone was trying to park their car and hit Pat's car.  It was one of those moments when you ask yourself, "Did that just happen?"

It was Pat's first ding on the car and we decided it wasn't worth the time.  I still got the license plate number just in case.  The guy, after he hit our car, said, "Did I bump you?"  I thought to myself, this guy is too old to be driving and should have his license revoked, but it was Pat's decision:)  So we moved into the train car with that on our minds.
Once inside, we forgot that we were in a dumpy almost ghost town.  It was a lot of fun and the food was good.  It was homemade and tasted like something you'd eat at home if your Mom was still around to cook for you.  My hamburger bun was fresh out of the oven and the coleslaw was delicious and simple!  They used some wonderful vinegar.
The prices were decent and it was a really nice meal with some good service.  I definitely recommend this place for people visiting the area. It's open from 10AM until 9 PM. It's located off the Hwy Business 10 route on the way(or back from the Chiricahua Mountains). 130 E Maley St. in Willcox, AZ.

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  1. It looks really cute inside. It's always those off the beaten path places that seem to have the best food.


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