Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cacti and Succulent Competition

While at the Gardens, there was a competition for the best cactus or succulent set up.  We were given a bean at the entrance of the building and asked to drop the bean in a cup next to our favorite arrangement.

Lots of tables were set up with many beautiful arrangements.

It was also a nice break from the hot weather outside!

Eventually I had to make my choice and my favorite is below......

Cyphostemma Cirrhosum


  1. I would have been there for hours admiring all those wonderful entries, trying to pick a favorite. The one you chose is beautiful and very, very unusual!

  2. Oh goodness...I wonder if I could pick!!! I suppose in the end one would stand out amongst the rest, and you sure picked something unusual and really amazing!!! This Cyphostemma Cirrhosum is something you don't see every day, that's for sure!!! Did you buy it for me??? hehehehe.

  3. Do you know what is interesting?? I think that none of these plants were for sale! I had wanted to purchase a couple but couldn't....but here's the cool thing about this all. Everyone was doing it all for fun. There were a lot of plants in that room so I can only imagine the number of people who participated. That's pretty amazing Phoenix.

  4. that is an amazing cactus. What are those seemingly big roots?

  5. Beautiful Cyphostemmna--your vote was well cast. That must have been a fun show.

  6. What fun is that! I would have had trouble picking also. But it would have been great checking them all out.


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