Monday, July 25, 2011

"We'll Always Have Paris"

Robert Duncan McNeill(aka Tom Paris from Star Trek Voyager)
I love all things Star Trek so it was fun to sit down at Robert Duncan McNeill's panel and hear him talk about directing on Chuck and his time acting as Tom Paris from Star Trek Voyager.  I went to see Nimoy and Takei, but it was an added bonus to see other Trek alum there....which brings me to this point on going to conventions. We just came back from the San Diego Comicon this weekend hence the space themed blog this past week.  It was nice going to a "smaller" venue in Phoenix because the San Diego Comicon is massive and you aren't able to see everything that you would like as there are huge lines for all the presentations.  So if you plan on going to these events, my advice is to organize everything and hit on what's important to you.  Have a backpack with snacks because you'll be busy busy busy and in lines for hours......I hate lines! So bring something to read:)  2 more writes to go and we'll get back into gardening and projects.  Until tomorrow.....

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