Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cylon Gardeners and Friends

Who says Science Fiction can't have garden themes?  I found these pieces amongst several other works by robot artist Jordan Thomas.  This was the coolest looking art I saw at the convention.  Taking a break before more insight into space and the mind, here is some art from the Phoenix Comicon.
 For more information, click on this link to find his work.....
He's also located at 3 different art shops around the Phoenix Area.

His bio reads, "I’ve been making robots for the last couple of years and it started when my love of indie handmade and my love of robots collided. I began building little robots out of wooden blocks and found/recycled items that I was lucky enough to scrounge up. Today, I still follow the same process. I personally hand build, and hand paint each robot. Each robot is a guaranteed ‘one of a kind’. About a year ago I began centering my work on steam power pseudo-Victorian era styled robots and have been working on a collection of historical ray guns from the future. I’m also working on a series of time machine oddities; although, they don’t actually travel through time…yet. "

Each of us is an artist with an imagination.  If you are interested in this art, contact Jordan Thomas at


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