Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Art of Desert

One of the things that I think people overlook in their landscape around town is the use of hardscape and art to create a magical or serene feel to their yards.  What I like about the Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix is the use of art around their landscape design.  Design is key to everything.  Notice how this rock above utilizes the very structural agave with a red contemporary art piece in the background?

Or how a hidden water feature tucked under a mesquite tree can add tranquility to your surroundings?

Look closer at the above pic and you'll see fish swimming about......

The structural Organ Pipes make a statement as you enter under the steel domes....

Note how color can play into design........look at the two larger cactus framing the "doorway".  Every angle provides a delicious meal for the eye.....

Water covers rocks and adds a green shade to the brown background......

Glass art captures the sun and makes a bold statement as you enter the Phoenix Botanical when planning your gardens, don't forget these important elements.  Until tomorow......


  1. I guess I should read while I look at pictures, but I clicked to enlarge that last photo to see what the species was only to find it is an incredible piece of art.

  2. There are many ways to decorate a garden with art or even with simple decorative accents. In my opinion, Art and Decor should never be missing in any well designed garden. Adding a water feature to a garden has always been one of my top favorites. I just love to listen to the soothing sound of water while being outdoors in my garden.

    I hope, someday I will get a chance to travel over to AZ and visit the Desert Botanical Gardens of Phoenix.

  3. Very stunning and artfully arranged desert planting.

  4. These are great. I love getting ideas from places like this. The rounded stones on the pond floor just gave me an idea for my garden. thanks for the inspiration.
    David/ :-)

  5. yes they are beautiful, did you design it? I love the photo of the cactus framed by the red walls, and that last one which turned out to be glass structure. lovely!

  6. Thanks for sharing the simplicity and power of the water feature / trough, bold plants used as accents, and general plant massing. Much to think about and apply to my designs! Gotta go there soon.

  7. Hi no....I didn't design these little masterpieces. I've helped people create similiar features for their own gardens, but I am still on phase 2 of my own garden right now...the art stuff comes later on and so will several of these ideas....just need to save some money to put them into the landscape.:) Chris


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