Thursday, July 28, 2011

Citrus Magic!

Mesquite Valley Growers has the best selection of Citrus and fruit trees for Tucson
One of the places Tucsonans like to shop for plants is at Mesquite Valley Growers near  Pantano and Speedway.  As we are coming to a completion for our Citrus Grove project, I headed over to Mesquite Valley to shop from a very large selection of citrus for our Tucson landscape.

As we start getting the dirt out of the planters, I'll be choosing from several varieties of dwarf citrus trees for El Presidio. As you can see from these pics, these bushes go as far as the eye can see.  I am going to allow these particular plants to grow naturally as bushes and not as trees. I'll be choosing semi dwarf varieties as they will grow to a manageable height between 8-12 feet.  Below is a chart of all the recommended citrus trees for our Tucson area.  Click on the pic to make it larger.  Until next time....


  1. Wow those are plenty of citrus seedlings!

  2. The place looks huge. I love visiting this kind of specialised growers. It must have been really wonderful to see so many wonderful citrus plants there. Happy shopping and planting citrus!

  3. I could get really sucked into figuring out which variety I'd want to grow. Unfortunately, i don't think there's anything for my zone...

  4. Citrus trees are great! I have a Meyor lemon and a satsuma and I love them both! Hopefully a Key Lime tree is in our near future...


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