Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mexican Fencepost Cactus

This is one of my favorite pics that I've taken so far this year up in Phoenix.  I absolutely love the look of this cactus.  There is only ONE growing on the El Presidio property, but I will remedy that situation down the road.  This particular cactus can be expensive, but it is worth the investment.  It survived the winter and LOVES sun and heat.  It definitely makes a statement around people's yards.  As the title of this cactus suggests, it is used by many as a "natural" fence...especially in the Phoenix area.  While it does well here in Tucson, it does even better in Phoenix. Like most cacti, don't overwater in winter, but during the summer, a weekly watering doesn't hurt.  Of the cacti, this one can take a little more water than the others.  It is one of my favorites along with the Night Blooming Cereus and I highly recommend trying it out for your Tucson garden.

As you can see in this pic taken up in Phoenix, they can be grown close together to create that "fence" look. It can grow up to 20 feet tall and doesn't have that thorny dangerous part about it like other cacti so it is safe to plant in areas full of pedestrians.  While it usually does well in our winter, I like to put stryofoam cups on the tip of the cactus below 25 degrees.  Fantastic cactus and one for the Tucson garden!  Until next time.....

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