Sunday, January 9, 2011


This painting is inside my house and reflects my attitudes and personality.  I accidentally found it by researching impressionistic paintings and it is now our living room centerpiece.  It is large and sits over the fireplace mantel.  The artist is Sarah Kadlic from Cleveland, Ohio. Art creates a mood.  I like art a lot, and personally, I have found that when a piece stands out, you should buy it.  It's rare when this happens, but don't let it pass you by. This painting captures how I think of the world.

This week has been an interesting week of blogging for me.  It's weird how some weeks are more personal while others are informational or documental in nature.  I think this last week has been a mix of a lot of concepts that all center around my gardening attitudes. There is the mystery of the Darien Gap that I am researching currently, the rafting aspect that I take on these journeys to view the plant life(travel portion of this blog), the music(the personal and local part of the blog), and of course the informational part such as the fruit trees and their chill hours.  And I have a lot more on design coming up in January and February before March comes around....which will be the one year anniversary of this blog.  So I thought I would start with this simple blog today on art.  A gardener is also an artist and we design in our minds and hearts the things that are pleasing to our eyes....and hopefully others.  I have several projects coming up outside that are going to require a lot of energy in the gardens.  This time of year is kind of the lull before things start picking up again.  For me, it's also the time of year to start planning which means digging, calling in the tree company, and putting in some new hardscape for the year. Of course, there is still acorn cleaning and the protection of plants from Mr. Jack Frost, but that isn't stuff to write about on a regular basis nor would you want to read it!!:)

I'd like to put a fountain similiar to this one in the park of Antigua, Guatemala except without water coming out of various human orifices:). I snapped this shot in 2006.
Plants are the heart of any garden, but the things you put in it are what makes a garden magical. We have several things this year happening on the property that will change the course of the El Presidio Gardens.  Currently we just had a vote on whether or not to get rid of the pool and replace it with a water fountain.  I'm not sure what the people will vote on as the votes are due today, but I have a feeling that we may be saying goodbye to the costly pool.  If that happens, I see this magical Mexican style fountain going in its' place which will change the look and feel of the garden.  I think 2011 will be the year of transformation here.....finally!  I also have a whiskey barrel project that cost 500 dollars to set up.  Plus the planters on the North Side are getting a makeover!  This is sure to be an exciting year for us here!  Well I'm hoping it will be.  Stay tuned for more on the Spring Projects.  Until next time....:)


  1. I didn't vote in the pool vs fountain, but would definitely go for a fountain instead!! I love the painting above. What's amazing about art is how we all see something different. I have a beautiful painting of a dandelion. It sounds hideous but it's not. It reminds me to bloom where I'm planted. Considering I've moved 17 times, it's perfect.

  2. Oh boy I can't wait to see what you are going to do. The whiskey barrell project sounds very interesting. I absolutely LOVE your painting. It is so beautiful. You know is something I would have picked also. I am all about color and brightness!

  3. That picture is awesome. I like trees and autumn colors and that picture is just perfect. You mentioned that it describes your thoughts. I wonder in what way.

  4. After all of the cold months, most garden lovers are probably ready to start thinking about the coming planting season. The good news is that there are projects that can be done during the winter in preparation for the coming spring.

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  5. One, I think the colors are how I see the world....when I stand in a forest with things covering me from above and falling upon me, I feel like I am standing in perfection. This is going to sound ridiculously strange and super nerdy...but the last scene in The Return of the King, when Aragorn is king and singing, the white flowers are falling all around the people. When I saw this, it gave me chills. I imagine life is this force onto itself and I am a but a speck among a larger force. Fall is an incredible time of year....and winter...when it's so cold and one around...just you....and trees covered with white snow...sometimes so cold that the wood cracks and pops....that is magical. Fireflies in the woods before a rainstorm. The floral smells of the Guatemalan rain forest at night....that one picture represents all of this to me....and it makes me feel wonderful:)


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