Monday, January 17, 2011

A Moment in Time

 leaves from our apple tree

I don't know we're I'm heading in this lifetime, but I know that this garden will grow. It is something that I feel in my heart. It is something I dream about nightly. Everyday I see it becoming something more than what it was when I first wandered upon this special place. When I look at the wind blowing through the palm tree, my mind wanders and I forget where I am.  Gone are the days of neglect and indifference. It is going to change the shape of things to come. A time of positive thought; a time to dream. A garden inspires and makes us forget about all of the chaotic things that happen in our lives. It is like a dream or a heaven....something that inspires us from our travels in mind and body. A garden feeds the soul. It makes us wonder what's flying around up in the canopy of the trees; and what's hiding among the branches. Or how the garden eve can carry the sweet floral scent of the citrus blossum and make us breathe deeply. Or how the mocking bird settles into the oak tree to retell its' journey for all to ponder, repeating each thing it has heard in strange lands both near and far. Or how the jacaranda sways in the breeze with its' purple flowers dropping onto the ground creating a royal carpet as we enter our sacred shrines.  A garden is a place for reflection and inner peace. It is the place of what was. What is. And what will be.....a moment forever captured in time.

Chris Rohrer
Thought I'd share some things that have happened to me here at El Presidio over the years.....

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  1. ...a garden feeds the soul...
    So true! One especially notices when your garden is 'taken away' by a series of muddy, rainy, cold and dreary weeks of bad weather.
    But, sunshine will be back again and the garden will grow.
    David/ Tropical Texana


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