Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dorm Room View

A view from my bright pink dorm room back in the early 90's. A flashback in time to the colder and more serene moments.  Below the window is that first spider plant I took care of myself and the beginning of many more plants to land in my care.  This one image brings back a flood of good memories of nature and life as a college student.  This weekend I'll be getting back into the garden with a post on "Repetition" in the garden.  Until then, curl up with a good book and cup of tea:)
Outside my Honeycomb apartments in Stevens Point next to Schmeekle Reserve. I was secrectly a hobbit back then:)


  1. You're really a hobbit???

    You're my hero. I love hobbits. And you look so tall in photographs...


  2. Yes, like Frodo, I escaped Hobbiton because I felt a bit trapped by the locals:) Some of us do grow taller:)


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