Friday, January 28, 2011

Atocha Station

Lately, I've been extrememly busy with things and I apologize for not reading more posts because it's one of my favorite things to do.  I keep documenting and reporting during this busy "spring" season because there is a lot to report.  Unfortuneatly, I have also had to deal with the recent death of a former student. The funeral is tomorrow and I have a very sad heart. It's also my 7 year anniversary and we're going to Cafe Poca Cosa(my favorite Mexican restaurant! in Tucson).  Can tomorrow be any more conflicting in the emotion department? Things also have been busy with other matters related to school, family, and visits. If it's one thing I don't have a lack of, it's the work! Taking a break from projects and plant series, I thought I'd share with you a beautiful garden place in the metropolitan city of Madrid, Spain.
I took this from a second story balcony
On one of my adventures to Spain, I remembered stopping at a subway station known as the Atocha Station.  A lot of metro stations can be humdrum when it comes to design, but this place did not disappoint!  It's a major hub in Madrid for intercity travel, dining, and now a place to go dancing.  But who cares about all of that!!  What's cool about this place is that there is a huge tropical garden containing such plants as Jacaranda, large Birds of Paradise, and oh so much more inside the station..
We were on our way to a peace demonstration after the bombing at the Atocha station in 2004.  Over 150 people were killed and thousands came from all over Madrid where they held a peace rally. Below is a pic at the station with red candles symbolizing the color of Spain and the lost lives.

Meanwhile above ground, the tropical garden held a calmness and stability. It was a whole other world from the sadness outside the station.
I love it when you accidentally stumble upon a place and discover something beautiful. Next time I go, I want to eat at one of the local restaurants below.

May you find magic and form in your own landscapes.

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