Friday, January 21, 2011

Agave Fun!

Taken in the AM
Okay, let's take a break from all the project talk for the moment. Here is an idea for you agave lovers during the holiday season.  Obviously, the home owners are still feeling the Christmas spirit.  I actually like this idea a lot.  This top one was taken this morning on the way to work and the bottom one sparkles with afternoon sun on the way home.  Agaves add sculpture and form to a garden.  The only thing I don't like about them is that they can make you bleed if you are not careful so always wear gloves when dealing with these dagger like plants.
Taken in the PM


  1. that is clever and really very nice
    I would do that if I lived there
    Today it is 10 degrees
    last night 0
    oh for a little warmth

  2. I'm still seeing Santas on everyone's lawn. And I thought I was lazy for talking my stuff down late. At least I did it before the first week of January was out! lol

    Love the agave :D

  3. That's nice. I used to see agave plants with egg shells over here. But this one is definitely a lot more attractive.

  4. I normally don't like this type of thing except in passing. But something about the curvaceous foliage on that agave specimen w/ the exposed adobe.

    Probably my thing for contrast! (manmade vs. earthy, blue-green vs. brown, etc)


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