Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Storm

A nice rain event here in Tucson.  Some pictures of clouds over the Santa Catalina Mountains from the roof.
Protect your plants, pipes, people, and pets over the next 3 nights as temps dip below freezing in Tucson and surrounding areas.


  1. Great cloud scapes. Such drama is nicely captured on the rooftop. Our new and latest dismal numbers here are 24,24,26, and 28 for the next 4 nights.
    Oh well....I guess there's always next year to start over with some of these plants.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  2. I know how you feel. This winter has been extremely difficult for me as well. My only hope is mulch and blankets. Tonight is okay, but the next several nights are going to try us both I suspect. I guess we were spoiled by last winter which was a lot warmer:) Hang in there.

  3. Last winter was colder for us in Abq - this winter right at average, but the cold fronts are more severe than usual.

    But this - front through 27F at 10 PM. Forecast is for -7F in Abq Thurs AM, which is colder than in 40 years, I think. Rarely ever gets <+5. Should be interesting!

  4. I always thought Abq got cold, but not that cold! Blankets won't even protect the plants!-7? It's like I'm back in Wisconsin again.

  5. It was 'seductive' to think the frost/freeze season was over. Trimming the bare root roses and the grapes back was easy to do, but now I am worried! Covers, covers, covers!


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