Saturday, January 15, 2011

Red Baron Peach

The Red Baron Peach, pic taken from my garden in August

I don't know what's not to like about this next fantastic fruit tree. It performed so well here that I bought another tree because it offered so much to the landscape.  The blooms are a beautiful pink in spring with lovely slender leaves forming a month later.  It did excellent in the gardens and also produced fruit its' first year!!  It should be planted in full sun but protected from the afternoon scorch.
Fruit is ready to pick from mid-July to mid-August.  250 chill hours are needed for this delicious peach variety.  Those hours are very low requirements when compared to other fruit trees like the plum or apple. I highly recommend this tree for the zone 9'ers.  If you want something reliable, I think this is your tree.

Spring Blooms

This tree is ideal for Tucson and if you water this tree, it will do well. I wouldn't say xeric for this particular tree, but if you want fresh fruit from your back yard, this tree will not disappoint.  I have seen these trees around town and they are protected by homeowners.  You might even say sacred.  There is nothing better than eating a fresh peach right off the tree. I purchased two size types of this peach tree.  One is the normal size while the other was an "Ultra-Dwarf".  The size of the Ultra-Dwarf should be around 6-8 feet tops and just as wide with the spacing.  The other will reach a height of 16-25 feet.  It is a freestone variety meaning that the pit detaches freely from the fruit without any effort.   I give this tree a 9 out of 10 for beginners as long as they remember to water it.  Some fruit trees require a little effort.  This tree may require more pruning than other fruit trees to prevent branches from snapping off, etc.   A common practice is to prune the peach tree back 2/3rds which will encourage new growth in Spring ....which will ultimately set more peaches on the tree.  I love this tree and the taste of the fruit. It's one of my favorite trees to have in the garden.  Until next time........

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