Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Army of Cacti

The battle has begun.  A war wages against the meth zombies.  I have called border patrol and they have refused to help.  I have called the police and they just shrug.  Most people turn a blind eye. But today I offer a sharp PRICK!  and fight the battle against meth!  My army of cacti have been employed in a fashionable manner.  Officially it's called the cactus garden which will serve as an attractive entrance to El Presidio.  It also serves as the next barrier of thorny anger that keeps evil from hopping our walls and stealing our valuables from the property.  Several months ago, I wrote about the cacti soldiers that protect our property.  Today I write about the army that came together to protect our northern borders.  They are an attractive group of plants that will hopefully grow as a team. Stay tuned for the completed project!


  1. The troops look good!
    Around here, a lot of people plant barberry bushes in areas they want to keep people for going through. They have pretty red leaves and a lot of thorns.

  2. I hope it is much more attractive than a razor wire top to your wall!

  3. I like the symbolism: army, war, battle. Nice cacti groupings for sure. Maybe it is no accident you live in the "Presidio"!

    I once planted a prickly pear in a parkway strip, where some brats in the old hood rode their bikes over some plants in it. That did the trick!

  4. We build planters so that we could grow agaves on the wall. It's for the same purpose. But after 2 of the agave plants flowered, they died. I guess cactus would have longer lives?


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