Monday, January 24, 2011


What's sweet and easy to peel?  The tangelo!! Not as tangy as a tangerine nor as tart as a grapefruit, this fruit has a sweet sprightly and juicy flavor.  It's easy to peel like a tangerine and sweeter(less acidy) than an orange.  This bush has grown a lot for me over the past year and is getting quite large.  Again, while it didn't have any fruits on it last year, I see several forming on the tree this year.  I've received several conflicting reports about whether it self pollinates or not.  The citrus expert assures me that a pollinator is not needed.  This account was also backed by other gardeners in the area who have shared that they don't have another tangelo tree to pollinate yet they get fruit.  However, some sources outside the Tucson area report that a pollinator is needed.  So here's what I've gathered from research because this plant has conflicting reports.  Earlier in my citrus report, it's stated that the lemon tree will increase a larger yield with more pollinators around and specifically several of the same lemon or another lemon type variety.  I think the same applies here.  The tangelo will produce fruit on its' own but not a lot unless there is citrus in the neighborhood or in your garden. Some people report the Meyers lemon is great while most say that a Dancy Tangerine is the key. Others swear that it's only the mandarine "Nova" or "Temple". My suggestion is that before you purchase this tree, ask your citrus expert.  I'm satisfied with my tree and the tiny fruit forming right it got it's pollination somewhere.  Sometimes we forget that others have citrus in their own yards and that those trees will cross pollinate with your own.   It's cold hardy to 30 degrees. The maximum height will reach 10-15 feet tall and equally wide. Give this beast 20 feet to spread out as it has a round habit.  It blooms in spring, but beware it has spines like that of the Bearss Lime tree.  Water 1-2 times a week. This particular fruit can have a lot of seeds, but in my opinion, it's worth it.


  1. woefully...I must buy mine
    Your photo is very beautiful
    making me desire to have one
    The only fruit in my garden is berries
    and those are for the birds..except maybe for elderberries....but why deprive my wards?

  2. Dear Rohrerbot, I have never tasted a Tangelo and clearly see that I have been missing out. How wonderful that you are able to grow Citrus fruit, seemingly effortlessly whilst I have tried and failed with lemon trees in pots too many times to mention.


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