Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Silver Lode Nectarine

This is the final post of the Fruit Trees for Tucson series and it's about the Silver Lode Nectarine.  I put this tree into the ground in a bit more shade than sun and yet it still performed well. This tree requires a bit more water so I planted it near a rain gutter where the run off water soaks the roots. There wasn't any fruit on the tree this year and it is said that this tree will fruit at around 4 years. It needs 400 hours of chill time and is similiar to the peach tree in a lot of the same things like when to fertilize,the pink flowers, same pests, etc.  This tree can grow to a height of 15-30 feet and blooms mid-spring.  It also tolerates  heat and humidity. It likes full sun but watch the afternoon sun here in Tucson. Remember to fertilize in spring before the first blooms. It should be interesting to see what this tree will do when March arrives. I haven't heard much from people growing nectarine trees in their yards, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.   Sometimes it's good to try things that are unknowns......and speaking of unknowns, there are a lot of trees that I haven't covered in this series that can be grown in Tucson.   There is a great website link below that has a lot of information about your zone.  The links below will also give you info on fruit/nut trees and berry bushes.
Some of the information on this list I found conflicting with my own notes on several fruit trees. For example, some of the plums, like the Satsuma, on the list are said to be self fertile when I have heard and read otherwise.  Could it be possible that they are grafting superior varieties of fruit trees that are self fertile?  Just remember to check with your garden specialist and  read the card that comes with the plant to verify if the plant is self fertile or not.  I find that every year they come out with a new variety of fruit tree to try out.

For general information on your particular garden zone and for more information on Arizona plants for spring plantings click on this great link below.....

I have a lot more information on some major topics.  Plus I'm pulling out my camera again to snap and write about more Tucson Gems, an Urban Legend, projects at El Presidio, and several fun surprises.  Stay tuned for more Tucson Gardening......

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